Media Design

This website runs on WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. The theme (the part of WordPress that determines the look of the website) I developed myself.

At the end of the 2000s, I completed the Media Design course (now the Media Design diploma course) at WIFI Vienna.

The course contents then as now:

  • Conception and Idea finding.
  • Image design with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Logo design and infographics with Adobe Illustrator.
  • Layout with Adobe InDesign.
  • Basic principles of good design.
  • Creative use of typography.
  • Basics of Gestalt Psychology.
  • Print production.
  • Webdesign withWordPress.*
  • Video and animation design.**
  • Visualisation and presentation.

*) In my day: web design with Adobe Dreamweaver.

**) Back then: Animation with Adobe Flash, which is practically no longer used today.

In the course, we learned the basics and were given numerous tips and hints for deepening the content later on in self-study. This worked out excellently for me; for example, I later learned how to create websites myself using the content management systems WordPress and Joomla!.

The progress in the development of new web technologies requires constant learning anyway. I have learned responsive design (creating web layouts that automatically adapt to the screen size), CSS3 (latest version of CSS that offers fascinating possibilities) and HTML5 (significant expansion of available elements), to stick with the most important examples.

Furthermore, I learned to write CSS with the help of the preprocessors Less and Sass (also SCSS). CSS preprocessors extend CSS with functions that make it possible to create CSS files with significantly less effort. Together with CSS frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap or – what I mostly use now – Bulma, beautifully designed websites are produced very quickly.